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Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live in Action: Plumas County


 For more information please click on the Friday Night Live Partnership link!

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Plumas County Youth at the California Friday Night Live
Youth Traffic Safety Summit in Anaheim, CA



Meagan Miller, County Friday Night Live Coordinator and Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coordinator:
at (530)283-6118 or by e-mail at

Friday Night Live in Plumas County
Portola High School Friday Night Live Chapter
"Start Where You Are."

Currently, the Portola High School Friday Night Live Chapter meets on Wednesdays at lunch, and once a month after school on Wednesdays. The focus of this chapter for the 2014-2015 school year is spreading awareness about the dangers and effects of underage drinking and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Mission Statement of the Portola High School Friday Night Live Chapter is: We, Portola High School Friday Night Live, will better our community by working together and being role models to help educate our campus and community to make better choices, by encouraging others to live sober and providing positive alternatives.

Here are some reasons students from Portola High School have decided to get involved with Friday Night Live, and their opinions regarding drug and alcohol use and/or abuse:

“I think it is important to spread awareness about drugs because I feel that a lot of people aren’t aware of the consequences that drugs can cause. I also think that drugs affect, not just one person, but a whole family or a whole group of friends. Instead of using drugs I think that people should read, you can escape into another world without the consequences drugs can cause. Therefore, reading is a healthy escape.” ~Chelsea Roosenschoon

“I always knew how bad intoxicated driving could be. But it wasn’t until this summer when it really hit me. I lost one of my good friends in a head-on collision caused by an intoxicated driver before his 17th birthday. I’m not only doing this for him, but also to put awareness out there for others to think before they drink. Many people are not aware of how many lives are in their hands when they make the bad decision to drink and drive.” ~ Hope Gallup

Greenville Jr/Sr High School Friday Night Live Chapter
For the 2014-2015 School year the Greenville High School Friday Night Live Chapter meets on Tuesdays once a week at lunch. After school meetings are held as necessary throughout the school year.

We, Greenville Jr/Sr High School Friday Night Live Chapter, will positively influence our peers and our community by providing knowledge about the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol.

Friday Night Live Standards of Practice
    1. A Safe Environment
ü  Physical Safety- to feel safe physically, free from the risk of harm.
ü  Emotional Safety- to feel safe emotionally, to feel like they can be who they are.
    2. Opportunities for Community Engagement
ü  Knowledge of Community- to learn about their community and its resources.
ü  Interaction/ Interface with the Community- to interact and work with community members.
ü  Communication with the Community- to communicate about the program or youth issues.
ü  Contribution to the Community- to give back and serve the community.

     3.Opportunities for Leadership and Advocacy
ü  Decision-Making and Governance- to participate in decision-making and occupy leadership roles, such as staff or board rules.
ü  Youth Voice- to learn to express their opinion constructively and hear those of others.
ü  Action- to take action on issues or projects they care about outside of the program- in the community, at school. 

     4. Opportunities to Build Caring and Meaningful Relationships with Peers and Adults
ü  Peer Knowledge- to learn about their peers and build relationships[s with them.
ü  Adult Knowledge/ Guidance- to learn about the adult staff and build relationships with them.
ü  Emotional Support- to feel supported emotionally by others in the program.
ü  Practical Support- to feel like their practical needs are met by adult staff.
ü  Sense of Belonging0 to feel like they belong, like they matter to the group and its success.

    5. Opportunities to Engage in Interesting and Relevant Skill Building Activities
ü  Specific Skills- to develop and build specific skills through program activities.
ü  Challenging and Interesting Activities- to engage in interesting and challenging activities. 

Operating Principles
ü  Be youth driven and led
ü  Help youth develop skills and resiliency traits
ü  Build community partnerships to support youth
ü  Provide meaningful and caring relationships among youth and with adults
ü  Promote a belief in youth’s capacity to contribute
ü  Provide safe, healthy, fun and supportive places for youth to be
ü  Culturally competent
ü  Have clearly defined and measurable goals and objectives
ü  Support and train adults to work effectively with youth
ü  Evaluate the program periodically to assess progress and refine, improve and strengthen the program’s effectiveness 

Core Components
ü  Youth involvement in activities that are positive alternatives to alcohol and other drug use, or that work towards the creation of positive, healthy environments.
ü  Youth-led chapters at school sites work with an adult to create positive changes in their school and community
Skill Building
ü  FNL youth build skills such as leadership, organization, communication and resilience and other life skills. 
ü  FNL seeks to involve youth from a variety of backgrounds and communities.

Historical Look at California Friday Night Live

The California Friday Night Live Program (FNL) is a peer leader program designed to help young people develop skills and resilient traits, for example learning to foster a sense of power and autonomy in youth. Currently, almost all of California’s 58 counties have Friday Night Live Programs that are uniquely designed to meet their community’s specific needs. 

Club Live is the Junior High component of the Friday Night Live (FNL) program. It is a peer program designed to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among teenagers. Members of Club Live encourage their peers to live alcohol and drug free lifestyles through chapter support and through the development of alternative activities, community action, assembly presentations, and leadership training.

 Friday Night Live and Club Live enables students to organize Chapter meetings, plan drug-free and alcohol free activities, organize presentations and assemblies for their school, help their community, and participate in county wide events. Ideas are endless and the students use their imagination to come up with exciting and fun activities. 

FNL began in 1984 in Sacramento County as a pilot program dedicated to reducing the number of teen deaths caused by motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. During the first years of the program the youth involved were organized into school based student action groups later renamed Friday Night Live Chapters. The chapters are the heart of the program. The chapters consist of a group of youth that come together to design and lead activities that prevent alcohol and drug use among their peers, along with other community prevention issues.

 In 1988 the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs established a statewide office to facilitate the expansion of the program to youth throughout California. By 1990 the number of counties with Friday Night Live (FNL) programs has increased 300%. Over 1,000,000 youth have been reached with the FNL message. The core program remained the prevention of alcohol and drug use by youth and the program began reflecting issues of concern for youth. Some of these issues are healthy lifestyle choices, community/social involvement, environmental prevention, and violence prevention. 

California Friday Night Live has evolved to meet the unique needs of each community it serves and its membership reflects the diversity of California. With continued community support and youth involvement, the next ten years speak to a California Friday Night Live that is a central element of California’s youth alcohol and drug, prevention and leadership strategies. 

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