Flood Preparedness


From late December 1996 through January 1997, Plumas County experience major flooding. Many community members were left unprepared for the weeks of rain. Roadways were washed out and residents were isolated. Supplies, including food and gas, were extremely scarce. Power throughout the County was out. Plumas County was not prepared for the 1996 Flood.

To prepare for a flood, here is a checklist of what you and your family may need: Flood Safety Checklist (PDF)


Numerous businesses throughout Plumas County have sand (PDF) and sandbags (PDF) available. For information regarding how to place sandbags, please visit Plumas County Public Works.


Listen to your local radio station~
KQNY 91.9
KJDX 93.3
KTOR 99.7
KKOH 790
KNLF 95.9
KBNF 98.9

Check Plumas News often for flooding updates~
Plumas News Online

Online Resources:
Be Ready Campaign
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
American Red CrossFlooding