Law Library

Legal Resources to Serve Research Needs

Established in 1905, the Plumas County Law Library is located on the fourth floor of the county courthouse in Quincy. The library offers legal resources to serve the research needs of the judiciary, members of the state bar, county officials and employees, and the general public.

As Per California Statutes

The law governing California county law libraries is set forth in Volume 5 of the Business and Professions Code, sections 6300 to 6365. The statutes provide for a county law library in each of the 58 counties of the state.

Library's Collection of Publications

The following publications are only a portion of the library's collection for research:

  • California Forms of Pleading and Practice
  • California Legal Forms
  • California Official Reports
  • Deering's California Codes (annotated)
  • Nolo Press books - with a variety of titles from 'Legal Research' to 'Your Rights in the Workplace'
  • California Practice Guides

Online Legal Research Tool

The county's law library provides two online legal research services - Westlaw & CEB OnLaw - which provide quick, easy access to a vast collection of statutes, case law, and other legal publications and resources.

Useful Resources

Please browse our collection of legal links to find many helpful sites.