Fee Schedule

The Plumas County Engineering Department collects fees for a variety of services. Some fees are collected as part of the application fees paid to the Planning Department while other fees are collected directly by the Engineering Department. The fees collected directly by the Engineering Department do not involve review by other County departments.

The Table below includes a listing of fees collected by the Engineering Department on behalf of other departments.

Large Format Copies/Prints (larger than 11x17)$4.60 first copy/ $2.20 additional copies
Large Format Scans (larger than 11x17)$4.60 first copy/ $2.20 additional copies
Standard Copies, Scans, or Prints

8 1/2 x 11$0.10/page

11 x 17$1.00/page
Consultation Fee (research, scanning, emailing)$75.57/hour1
Fire Safe Driveway Review$151.00
Flood Plain Administration

Initial ConsultationNo Fee

Flood Plain Interpretation$75.57/hour1

Flood Study Review and County Engineer Approval$500 Deposit2 billed at $99.90/hour1

Grant of Relief$500 Deposit2 billed at $99.90/hour1
Hourly Rate – Engineering Technician$75.57/hour1
Inspection Fee (For construction phase improvement plans)$250 + $5,000 Deposit2 billed at $75.57/hour3
Mileage Reimbursement Rate$0.535/mile4
Corner Record
Parcel Map Check (PM)$1,128.00

Parcel Map per parcel/lot fee

Planning Department (GIS) per parcel/lot fee$20.00/Lot

Parcel Map - Environmental Health Review
Record of Survey Check$507.00
Record of Survey (Amendment per PLSA 8770.5)$302
Resubmittal of incomplete application$151
Subdivision Map Check$2,364.00

Subdivision Map per parcel/lot fee$75.00/Lot

Planning Department (GIS) per parcel/lot fee$20.00/Lot

Environmental Health Review Fee $54.00/Map
Technical Report Review1$500.00 Deposit billed at $75.57/hour2


  1. These reports include: Traffic Studies, Grading Plans, Erosion Control Plans, Flood Studies, Drainage Studies, and Geotechnical Reports
  2. A deposit will be collected at the time the application fee is accepted. The Public Works Department shall keep records of the time and expenses incurred in the processing of these applications and charge Developer on a time and material basis. These monies will be deposited in a special account, from which the County will draw sums to cover the costs of the application review. The Public Works Department shall provide the developer a monthly invoice detailing the work performed and the time spent by its staff or outside consultants on such work, together with the hourly rates charged by individuals performing the work. The invoice amount shall not exceed the actual cost to the Public Works Department to provide the work described. The County may withdraw funds from the fund's deposits in the special account in the amount of each invoice. If it appears likely the deposit made by the developer will be exhausted, the Public Works Department shall provide the developer with a new estimate of the cost to complete the processing of the application. The developer shall replenish the special account in the amount of such new estimate within fifteen (15) days. The developer's failure to make payment shall be deemed a withdrawal or abandonment of the application, but such withdrawal or abandonment shall not relieve the developer of the obligation to pay for work done by the County in response to the application or to wind up work as a result of withdrawal or abandonment.
  3. County Engineer's hourly rate 
  4. This is an estimate of the hourly rate charged. The actual rate may vary depending on the classification of the employee performing the service. 
  5. Mileage reimbursement rate established by County Auditor. Mileage is billed for any application which requires an on-site inspection or field review

Fee Schedule last updated October 7, 2018