Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Plumas County Office of Emergency Services is coordinating information, tracking resources, and identifying procedure or policy changes that may help reduce the impact of the drought.

In February, the Plumas County Board of Supervisors formed a drought preparedness task force to help coordinate countywide drought issues. The task force is made up of county and regional department managers and decision makers with Supervisors Thrall and Swofford as the Board's representatives. Reports of this group's activities are provided during regular Board of Supervisors meetings. For more info on the task force, contact Jerry Sipe at 530-283-6367 or Email Jerry Sipe

On August 13, the City of Portola proclaimed a local emergency due to state mandates to reduce or refrain from using historic drinking water supplies in Willow Springs and Lake Davis. (Link to City Proclamation).

City of Portola Proclamation of Local Emergency (PDF)

On August 19, Plumas County proclaimed a local emergency in support of the Portola drinking water challenges, but also noting the severe fire risk and economic impacts associated with the ongoing drought. Plumas County Proclamation of Local Emergency (PDF)

Both proclamations will be reviewed periodically until it is determined they are no longer necessary.