Quality Improvement

Problem Resolution

Plumas County Behavioral Health (PCBH) is monitored by a Quality Assurance Committee comprised of advisory board members and County Staff members to ensure the highest quality of services delivered to our communities. PCBH encourages the resolution of problems at the least formal level. No person will be subject to any penalty or discrimination for filing a complaint or grievance or for requesting a State Fair Hearing. A person may authorize a representative of their choice to act on his/her behalf at any time.

Please click on the link below for our Problem Resolution Guide:

Problem Resolution Guide- English (PDF)

Problem Resolution Guide- Spanish (PDF)

Quality Improvement Work Plan

As required by the California Department of Health Care Services, Plumas County Behavioral Health produces an annual Quality Improvement Work Plan (QIWP). By requirements, the QIWP establishes the quality improvement goals for the current fiscal year and describes quality improvement activities, including plans for sustaining improvement, monitoring of previously identified issues, and tracking of target areas over time. The QIWP demonstrates how the planned quality improvement activities have contributed and will contribute to meaningful improvement in clinical care and services provided. At the end of each fiscal year, the goals stated in the QIWP are evaluated to determine the overall effectiveness of the behavioral health system and the quality improvement program. The system is community-based and focused on the inclusion of the individuals and family members served. The system is also reflective of business principles in which services are delivered in a cost-effective and outcome-driven fashion.

Current Quality Improvement Work Plan

PCBH QI Work Plan 2020-2021 (PDF)

PCBH QI Work Plan 2020 (PDF)

Links to Plumas County’s Children and Youth, and Adult Mental Health Performance dashboards:

Performance Outcomes Systems Reports- Adult (PDF)

Performance Outcomes Systems Reports- Adult ADA (PDF)

Plumas SUP Final (PDF)

Plumas ADA Final (PDF)

2017 Adult Reports Non-ADA/POS (PDF)

2017 Adult Reports ADA/POS (PDF)