Mission & Vision

Organizational Mission Statement

The mission of the Plumas County Museum is to interpret to a broad public audience, in innovative and meaningful ways, the history of Plumas County from its beginnings and to relate that history, when appropriate, within the broader context of Plumas County and the encompassing region.

Organizational Vision Statement

The vision for the future of the Plumas County Museum is a professional, high-quality, historical museum complex that preserves and interprets Plumas County's heritage through historical exhibits and educational programs for all people.

Some of our institutional objectives are to:

  • Maintain our presence in local history education through hands-on experience and living history programs for elementary school students
  • Contribute to the economic development of Plumas County through museum programs, development and production of driving and walking heritage tours, and involvement in tourism
  • Develop and present archaeological and historical public programs
  • Increase visitation to the museum and user satisfaction and value
  • Demonstrate progress towards program, exhibit, and audience diversification
  • Locate and secure adequate storage and work facilities for existing and incoming artifacts and the expansion of the museum facility
  • Develop and maintain a solid volunteer base for operations and special functions
  • Provide Plumas County volunteer museums with technical assistance and support

For More Information

If you have any questions, please email Museum Director Scott Lawson at (530) 283-6320.