About Us

Northern Sierra Opioid Safety Coalition Team

Officially formed in January 2016, the Northern Sierra Opioid Safety Coalition (NSOSC) region spans Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, and Sierra Counties. The NSOSC is made up of two teams: the Prevention Action Team and the Harm Reduction Action Team. The Prevention Action Team focuses on promoting responsible prescribing practices, expanding access to safe drug disposal, and educating youth about the risks involved with using opioids and other prescription drugs. The Harm Reduction Action Team focuses on increasing access to medication-assisted treatment, access to clean syringes, and access to naloxone (a life-saving opioid blocker that reverses the effects of an overdose). 

The coalition is diverse, made up of partners in public health, local hospitals, the criminal justice system, law enforcement, local nonprofits and the community at large. Since the coalition was formed, the region has seen a reduction in unsafe prescribing practices and in opioid overdose-related deaths. Both action teams meet bi-monthly and are open to the public.