Tree Mortality Task Force

Plumas County Tree Mortality Task Force

Sierra Nevada forests, already weakened in many areas by overcrowded conditions, have lost their ability to repulse insect attacks due to several years of severe drought. Residents and agencies in areas of the Southern and central Sierra Nevada are currently addressing how to deal with 102 million trees that have died since 2010. 65 million of these have been identified in 2015 and 2016 alone.

Tree.pngPlumas County has the opportunity to work strategically to address tree mortality here before it reaches crisis levels. The Plumas County Tree Mortality Task Force is a collaborative group of agency, industry, and individual stakeholder volunteers brought together by the Plumas County Fire Safe Council and the Plumas County Office of Emergency Services.

Looking for Help? Here are some resources...

General tree mortality questions:

California Forest Stewardship Helpline
 1-800-738-TREE or 
Email Forestry Help
 A Registered Professional Forester is available

Looking for tree removal assistance?

Registered professional Foresters, and licensed timber operators that assist with tree removal in Plumas County.
Contractors that have expressed interest in bidding on Plumas Firesafe Council Projects.

Would your community benefit from grant funding for tree removal on multiple parcels?

Contact: Hannah Hepner
Email Hannah Hepner
Plumas County Fire Safe Council

Statewide Tree Mortality Task Force

Bark Beetle Information
Statewide and Local Information

Do you need help identifying tree mortality or developing a plan of action locally?

Contact: Al Klem
Email Al Klem
Plumas County Area Forester, California
Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

Do you require financial and planning assistance for tree removal on your property?

Contact: Dan Martynn
Email Dan Martynn
Plumas & Sierra District Conservationist
USDA-Natural Resource Conservation