Front Desk

The front desk page has a variety of forms used by the Sheriff's Office front desk clerks. These forms can be obtained from the front office or accessed by clicking the corresponding links.

Note: All forms can be filled out and printed. If you choose to print the form and handwrite the application, please do so legibly.

If you have any questions regarding the proper filing of the form contact the Front Office during business hours at (530) 283-6375, Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Alarm Application

Alarm System Application (PDF)

Application for the Release of Public Record

Application for Release of Public Record (PDF)

Application License to Sell Firearms

Application License to Sell Firearms (PDF)

Explosive Permit Application

Explosive Permit Application (PDF)

Instructions to the Sheriff

Instructions to The Sheriff (PDF)

Patrol Check Request

Patrol Check Request (PDF)

Conceal Carry Permit

CCW Info

Citizens Complaint

Citizens Complaint Form (PDF)
For commonly asked questions regarding the complaint process please view the following link:
Citizens Complaint Info (PDF)