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 Our Catalog

Check out our online catalog to find our physical collection of books, audiobooks, DVDs, and more. A library card is needed to check out our material.

We also have a selection of read and return items (including books, audiobooks, and movies) that do not require a library card at each branch, and our Friends of the Library help maintain an ongoing book sale at each location.

Need help using the catalog? Check out our step-by-step written guides on: how to log into your account; how to look up an item on the catalog; how to put an item on hold; and how to check your history of check outs. We also have a video guide showing you how to log on, look up items in the catalog, put an item on hold, and check your own history of check outs

The "New" Shelf - If you'd like to see the latest additions to the library from the comfort of home, you can click on this link here (or specifically you can look at adult-only content, YA-only content, and Juvenile-only content) and put a hold on items you want.  It includes all materials with copyright dates 2019-2021 with the newest items that have been added to the collection at the top. (Donated items added to the collection with older copyright dates will not show up in this search.) We also have a link that just shows you recent DVDs added to the collection and recent audiobooks added to the collection, no copyright date restrictions. 

If you need help, please contact your local branch and we will be happy to walk you through searching our catalog or putting items on hold.

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Download e-books and e-audiobooks onto your laptop or portable device. You can also access our e-magazine collection - formerly known as RBDigital/Zinio - through this site.  (Libby is just another app to access Overdrive, which hosts our collection.)

Please click here for a step-by-step instruction on how to use Libby, which is an app to access Overdrive. Overdrive also offers instructions based on your device. We also offer step-by-step instructions for both Libby and Overdrive on how to put something on hold and check where exactly you are on the holds list. We also offer step-by-step instructions for both Libby and Overdrive on how to check out e-magazines, including back issues.

Having trouble using the app? Of course feel free to either contact us or contact Overdrive for support, but you can also use Libby right in your web browser, no app downloads needed: just click here and follow the prompts.

Ever wonder why you moved down on the holds list and your wait time just got longer? Our Overdrive collection comes from two sources: the first source consists of items bought by the consortium that are shared equally with every library system. The second source consists of items bought by a specific library system and then shared. When a library system buys items, their patrons get automatic priority on the holds list. Unfortunately, this will bump you further down the list. But this also works in reverse—items bought by our library system means you as Plumas and Sierra County patrons get first priority for those items. We apologize for the inconvenience and longer wait times this may cause, but it gives us access to a lot more items we wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer.

Starting the end of Sept 2021, the web certificate provider Let’s Encrypt will be ending support for older operating systems. Certificates from Let’s Encrypt are relied on for secure connections for websites and apps including Libby and OverDrive. As a result of this change, Overdrive/Libby borrowers may run into issues with signing in, borrowing, loading the app’s content, etc. when using old operating systems. The expectation was that affected users would receive a security warning after the Let’s Encrypt change, but we’ve since learned that a warning is not always displayed. If you run into these issues, you may need to upgrade your operating system.

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Zip Book Request & Rules Form (PDF)

Can’t find a book (print or audio) in our catalog? If your library account is in good standing, fill out the request form for the item you wish to see and bring it to one of our branches. The item will be shipped directly to you, and then you can return it to the branch you ordered it from after you’ve finished reading it so we can add it to our catalog for other patrons to borrow.

Please read the rules for the program before ordering your Zip Book. Items that can’t be ordered through the program can be requested using the yellow request slips available at the front desk, though no request is guaranteed. 

The Zip Book Program has been completed for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year. 

(Check back in November 2021!)

Zip Books is a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System, funded by the California Library Services Act.


Featuring a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries, Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform you can now access through the library. Just create an account (you will need an email) and add your library card, and you will be able to watch up to three films a month for free.

braille and talking book library.png Braille and Talking Book Library
California's Library Services for People with Print Disabilities

In association with the Library of Congress, the CA State Library provides free Braille books and magazines, audiobooks, and playback equipment to all eligible Californians unable to read standard print. Follow the link to find your local Braille and Talking Book Library and sign up for the free library service. 

(The application and related services is through the CA State Library and not Plumas County Library.)  

Tool Lending Library (Pilot Program)

Currently for Plumas County patrons only.

Besides the usual items expected in a library collection - books, audiobooks, magazines, and movies - we are also expanding our collection to non-traditional materials like hotspots, tools, and other items we think the community would like to be able to borrow. Our collection is small but we are growing!   

To check out an item from this collection, you will need to have a library card and your account must be in good standing. You will also need to sign the Lending Library agreement form and must re-sign the agreement every year. You may check out up to three items from the Lending Library at a time. The majority of items are kept at the Quincy location and can be put on hold.

You can click this link to see all the tool lending items available.

We are accepting donations for the Tool Lending Library. Please see the attached for a list of items we are looking for.

Instruction Sheets - EMF; Hotspot, English; Hotspot, Spanish.