Returning Home

Process to obtain temporary power from PG&E.

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Information on What to Expect When Returning Home

9-29-21 Dixie Fire Drinking Water Update

Greenville Unsafe Water Alert Cancelled 09-17-2021

Ash pits stump holes information

9-10-21 Dixie Fire Drinking Water Update

Advisory Against Disturbing Ash on Destroyed Property

Hazardous Area Sign

Health and Safety Precautions for Re-Entry and Debris Removal After Fire

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the Fire Retardant Sprayed from Trucks and Dropped from Aircraft

Properties Still Standing - Cleaning Up After a Fire Disaster

Destroyed Properties - Returning to Your Home and Property

Private Well Testing Guidance

Key Elements of a BEAR Assessment

Evacuation Order Changes

Plumas County is providing the following information to volunteers desiring to provide support to victims of the fire:

  • Disturbing ash or burned debris is discouraged. 
    • Doing so is hazardous to health and could disqualify the parcel from government assistance to clean the site. 
  • The attached hazard and warning notices are provided for review and action: 
    • Danger - Hazardous Area - Enter at Your Own Risk 
    • Advisory Against Disturbing Burn Ash on Destroyed Property 
    • Health and Safety Precautions for Re-Entry and Debris Removal After Fire 
  • Properties outside of Mandatory Evacuation areas have no restrictions for entry; however, “Phase I” clearances of Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) are not complete for many properties. 

Be aware of scams after an emergency

Rebuilding After a Disaster - Avoiding Contractor Scams

Natural disasters like wildfire can create opportunities for fraud and scams, occurring at a time when people may be especially vulnerable, or targeting charitable intentions.

Scammers use phone, text, mail, email, and even go door to door to target residents of affected areas. 

Below are some helpful links with information on how to avoid falling victim to scams:

  1. FEMA:
  2. UCANR:
  3. FCC: