Chinese Communities

Area Chinese SettlementArea Chinese Settlements

The Chinese developed their own communities near the white settlements including:

  • Greenville's Chinese community along Wolf Creek just west of town
  • La Porte's "China Alley" on the east side of town
  • Taylorsville's small Chinese neighborhood at its southern flank
  • Quincy's Chinatown where the Quincy Junior Senior High School is now located, hence "China Rock."

Silver Creek - The Area's Largest Chinese Settlement

The largest Chinese settlement by far was the town of Silver Creek, just west of Spanish Ranch, about seven miles from Quincy. Over 500 residents made up this commercial center for the Chinese of Plumas County. Hotels, restaurants, gambling houses, stores, shoe repair shops, just about everything that might be needed, was available. A Joss House for worship and social activities was also a magnet to this town which existed from about 1855 to the 1920s. The land surrounding the town was later dredged away, leaving only a very few remnants of this once bustling community.

Books Available on Chinese Immigrants

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