General Plan

General Plan

The State of California requires that every county and city have a comprehensive, long term general plan to guidCourthousee future development. The current General Plan was adopted in 1984. The intent of the Plumas County General Plan update is to represent the interests of the citizens of Plumas County by balancing competing interests, and protecting valuable resources. 

General Plan Update Process

Plumas County has hired the consulting firm "Design Workshop" to provide project management for the general plan update. In order to develop and adopt a General Plan with broad public acceptance and support, public engagement is critical. The project includes a robust public engagement effort throughout the process. The public engagement tasks will include soliciting and informing public opinion at several different levels. The process includes stakeholder working groups, public workshops, formal County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor meeting presentations and social media networks. 

General Plan Working Groups


To inform, assist and guide the update of Plumas County's General Plan and public engagement process.

Selection Process

The County Board of Supervisors, within each of their districts, have appointed individuals to represent that district's Planning Working Group. Each of the 5 Working Groups are made up of individuals who are willing and able to represent interests important to and that contribute toward the General Plan update process. The intent of these Planning Working Groups is to provide perspectives that represent interests that are important to the people and resources in each district. There will be issues that are common in all 5 districts and there will be some issues that are more important to some districts than others.

Each Supervisor has appointed individuals for their district's working group with the skills, characteristics and ability to represent one or more specific interests. The Supervisors have also taken into consideration the total make up of the planning working group keeping in mind the need for a balance of diverse perspectives that capture the planning issues that will need to be addressed during the update process.

Role and Responsibility of Planning Working Group Members

The members of the Planning Working Groups have two important roles; active participant in the planning working group and effective communicator with their stakeholder groups. They are an active participant working to inform the General Plan update (the goals, objectives, policies and implementation strategies). Each member also plays an important role in the General Plan Update's communication plan. Each member is responsible for communicating with the people in their district on a continuous basis informing these citizens of the status of the update, listening to and sharing their concerns and ideas, and informing the people they are representing how, when and where they will have a chance to participate in public engagement events.

The following link identifies the individuals representing each Supervisors working group:

Working Groups Member Contact Information

These positions have been offered on a totally voluntary basis. No reimbursement will be offered for mileage or time committed during the term of the update process. This may involve as many as two meetings per month for as long as one and one half years while the update proceeds.

Skills and Characteristics

The following qualities are skills or characteristics that are important for members on the Planning Working Group to possess. Each person does not have to possess each and every characteristic or skill, however, these are important to the success of the process.

  • Can communicate thoughts and ideas effectively
  • Is collaborative
  • Actively works toward building trust
  • Is a team player
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Good listener
  • Can accurately represent and communicate with those she/he is representing
  • Has a firm handle on the core issues he/she is representing
  • Diverse Views Represented

The Planning Working Groups reflect the views and interests of the citizens of the County. With this goal in mind, selection of the members in each working group represent one or more areas of interest. The list below is an example of interests represented.

  • Ranching – Agriculture
  • Environment - Conservation
  • Forest Industries – Logging
  • Chamber of Commerce – Business
  • Art and Culture
  • Water Quality – Quantity
  • Land/Property Owners
  • Recreation
  • Historic Resources
  • Youth and Education
  • USFS
  • Resource Agencies
  • Citizen Advisory Boards (fair, airport, ABWAC, etc.)