Computer & Internet Access

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All Plumas County Library branches offer access to public computers, WiFi, and space for you to use your own devices. All Sierra County Library stations but Alleghany offer access to public computers and WiFi . Time limits apply to the public computers and reservations are not taken in advance. Some locations (like Quincy) will require you to obtain a number from staff to use the public computers. You do not need ID or a Library Card to use the computers or WiFi.

WiFi is available 24/7 at the Portola and Chester Branch. It is available 5am-11pm at the Quincy Branch. It is available during open hours at the Greenville Temporary Branch. WiFi is available 24/7 at all Sierra County Library stations but Alleghany. 


Printing costs 20 cents per page at all Plumas Branches and is only available in black ink. (In Portola, you are able to print double-sided for 35 cents per page.) Printing costs 15 cents per page for Loyalton and Downieville and 10 cents per page for Sierra City. Sierra City and Downieville have color printing.


Due to vendor and owner providers, each location has its own copying price and services:

Quincy - It costs $.10 per page for black ink; and $.25 per page for color ink. (Double-sided costs two pages.)

Chester - It costs $.20 per page; there is no color copying. (Double-sided costs two pages.)

Greenville - It costs $.15 single sided, $.30 double-sided; there is no color copying. 

Portola - It costs $.15 single sided, $.25 double sided for black ink, and $.25 single sided, $.40 double sided for color ink.

Sierra City - It costs $.10 per page; there is no color copying.

Downieville - It costs $.15 per page; and color copying is available. 

Loyalton - It costs $.15 per page; there is no color copying.

Alleghany - There is no copying available.


Portola is able to scan items to a thumb drive you provide. Loyalton is able to scan items, which can then be added to a thumb drive you provide or emailed to yourself. Quincy and Greenville are able to scan items and email them to you through the Front Desk.


We do not provide fax services at any branches or stations. However, two free online resources to send faxes are GotFreeFax or FaxZero. (Please note: You will likely need to click a confirmation email to send the fax from both sites and it's limited on how many pages and how many faxes you can send per day/session.)

Library Internet & Computer Rules

If you have additional questions, please contact your branch library.