It is the mission of the Plumas County Sheriff's Office to serve our community by delivering fair and ethical law enforcement, protecting the innocent, apprehending criminals, maintaining public order, providing for the care and custody of prisoners, and establishing the cause, manner, and mechanism of death in Coroner's cases. This mission is accomplished through commitment, dedication, and the provision of excellent services to the residents and visitors of our community.

Statement of Function

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The office of Sheriff is established by the California Constitution (Article XI, Section 1, Subdivision (b)) and by statute (Government Code Section 24000). The Sheriff is elected to a non-partisan office for a four-year term. The jurisdiction of the Sheriff extends throughout the county, including the City of Portola, and state and federal-owned property.

The Sheriff is generally charged with preserving the peace, enforcing criminal statutes, and investigating known or suspected criminal activity. The Sheriff is specifically charged by statute with the duty to serve various forms of civil process and to operate the county jail. The Sheriff is the coordinator for law enforcement, and mutual aid, and is responsible for search and rescue. In Plumas County, the offices of Sheriff and Coroner are combined. Coroners' duties are defined in the California Government Code, commencing with Section 27400.

The Sheriff's Office is a multi-faceted law enforcement agency providing a full range of law enforcement services. It operates in a highly regulated environment and must comply with numerous federal, state, and local requirements and mandates. The Sheriff's Office strives to provide the highest level of service and protection to the community.