Project segment 1

The first segment starts approximately is in the area of the Grizzly Creek Bridge and extends west for 5.6 miles. The project in this area contains 0.28 miles of realignment at the grizzly creek bridge area. The proposed bridge will consist of 102 foot long, precast, pre-stressed concrete bulb-tee girders founded on H piles in a single span with a cast-in-place concrete deck. The remainder of the work in this segment consists mostly of pavement rehabilitation with some drainage improvements

Existing Crizzly Creek Bridge

Existing Grizzly Creek Bridge

New Grizzly Creek Bridge site

New Grizzly Creek Bridge site

beam arriving

The concrete beams for the bridge are 102 ft in length. They were pre-cast and trucked up on four special trucks. One of the beams is seen arriving at the bridge site

lifting beam

A monster crane was set up on the bridge site. It took 9 trucks to bring the crane, boom and counter balances to the site. The crane is capable of lifting over 400,000 pounds. It is seen here lifting one of the concrete beams which weigh approximately 100,000 pounds.

setting beam

The beams are set onto special pads on the abutments. The outer beams were constructed to allow hanging bracing from them which will be used to form the bridge deck.The bracing was attached before lifting the beam into place.


A concrete pumper truck is used to pump concrete up to the bridge forms for the deck of the new bridge. According to sources, 147 cubic yards of concrete were pumped. That amounts to approximately 16 concrete truck loads.


When the concrete for the deck is placed, the deck finishing machine is used to strike the concrete off at the correct elevation. The finishing machines uses an adjustable screed to provide the necessary crown and elevation while providing a good finish. The finishing machines also has augers that help consolidate the concrete before the concrete is struck off by the screed. The finishing machine rides on tracks that are set on top of the forms.