Does the parcel have any combining zones?

*Flood Plain Combing Zone (FP) regulates development to achieve reasonable safety from flood hazards.

*Special Plan Combining Zone (SP) (DRA, ScA, ScR, HA, HB) administers design review areas, scenic areas, special plan-historical areas, and designated historical buildings.

*Mobile Home Combining Zone (MH) provides for the installation of manufactured homes and commercial coaches on support systems.

*Business Exclusion Combining Zone (BX) - precludes or excludes businesses in the context of the use of land, dwelling units, or appurtenant structures.

*Farm Animal Combining Zone (F) - provides for animal husbandry (large and small).

*Limited Combining Zone (Ltd) - permits and mitigates uses that have the potential to have significant adverse social, economic, or environmental effects, and to implement the General Plan Diagram Directive for industrial areas.

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