Risk Management

Department Functions

Risk Management is a department within the County Administrative Office. The department includes the risk management and occupational safety and health programs for the County of Plumas and offers support for all departments within the Plumas County jurisdiction. Department duties include:

  • Coordinating coverage programs for general, professional, vehicle, and travel liability as well as real property, equipment, and special events
  • Providing assistance to all departments in the identification and examination of risks, selection of risk control and risk financing techniques, evaluation of the result, and improvement of the management of risk by county entities
  • Reviewing insurance requirements for agreements, contracts, and use of facilities that are recommended for Plumas County
  • Reviewing submittals for major capital projects and other agreements as requested

Reporting Incidents & Accidents

All employee job-related injuries or illnesses are to be reported immediately (within 24 hours). Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require the county to report serious injury (loss of limbs or fatality) within eight hours time.

View more details on reporting incidents and accidents to the Risk Management Department.

You Can Make a Difference

Risk Management is the responsibility of us all. We work together to create safer work habits and environments with well-maintained equipment and a standard of excellence in our training programs. These policies will keep us all doing what we love most - going home in one piece to our families.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

The occupational health and safety program focuses on regulatory compliance with occupational laws at the local, state, and federal levels. This includes information and recommendations regarding:

  • Equipment
  • Procedures
  • Specific services provided by the selected staff of Plumas County and the risk manager
  • Training
  • Testing and analysis

The risk manager also interfaces with regulatory agency personnel and serves as the point of contact for Plumas County.

Risk Management Program

The risk management program focuses on the review of operations and ownership of property of risks, including injury to persons, damage or loss of property, impact to Plumas County programs, liability, and loss of financial resources and reputation.

A variety of techniques may be recommended as appropriate including:

  • Increasing positive consequences for active participation in safety
  • Increasing the safety of the activity
  • Transferring responsibility for safety

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Risk Management Department at (530) 283-6315.