Juvenile Division

Juvenile supervision is intended to enhance public safety, provide victim restoration/reparation, and hold juveniles accountable for their behavior while providing guidance via individualized case plans.

Case plans are designed to strengthen the family unit using the least restrictive methods first, leading up to the most intensive approaches. Whenever possible, the least restrictive action is to be considered, with the ultimate goal of maintaining the unity of the family.


Juvenile caseloads are devoted to early intervention, treatment, or control/containment. Juvenile supervision may be on an informal status or may be defined by orders of the Juvenile Court.

It is assumed by the legislature that juveniles are still growing and learning, and they should not forever suffer the liabilities of mistakes and errors in judgment made prior to reaching maturity. Although punishment is endorsed as a tool for rehabilitation, it is the intent of the law to prevent, intervene in, and suppress juvenile crime for the sake of the community and the juvenile.

Juvenile Court Information (PDF)