Battery and Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Household Battery and Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Regulations to protect public health and the environment have been changing. This is because we now know that some common items that have traditionally been thrown in your household's or small business' trash cannot be safely disposed in landfills. These common items are referred to as hazardous waste, and some of them as universal waste (u-waste).

"Universal waste" (u-waste) is a designated category of hazardous wastes. This category includes many common household items. Until recently, some universal wastes could be disposed in the trash under some circumstances. However, this is no longer the case--all u-wastes are now banned from the trash

As of February 9, 2006, all "u-waste" items, which includes fluorescent lamps and batteries are banned from the trash.

No one in California is allowed to discard their fluorescent lamps and batteries as nonhazardous solid waste (as ordinary trash).

Battery Recycling

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