Online Policy Manual



Acceptable Use Policy - Adopted 12/6/2022
Administrative and Budgetary Controls (PDF)
Adoption, Amendment, or Repeal of County Ordinances (PDF)
Affordable Care Act
Agenda Preparation and Submittal Policy (PDF)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedure (PDF)
Board of Supervisors Community Service Fund (PDF)
Budgetary Authority & Procedure (PDF)
Budgetary Reserve Policy (PDF)
Cellular Phone Policy (PDF)
County Office Hours (PDF)
COVID-19 Prevention Program (PDF)
COVID-19 Self Attestation of Vaccination Status (PDF)
Credit Card Program Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Delay of Department Head Decisions by CAO (PDF)
Department Head Evaluations Policy (PDF)
Department Heads and Legislative Activity (PDF)
Emergency Telecommuting Policy (PDF)
Employee Background Investigation Policy (PDF)
Financial Policy - Adopted July 2022 (PDF)
Facility Policies (PDF)
Flood Control District Compensation Policy (PDF)
Fund Balance Policy (PDF)
Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation Policy and Complaint Procedure (PDF)
Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (PDF)
HIPAA Security Policy
Hosting Meetings and Events In-County (PDF)
Injury and Illness Policy (PDF)
Injury and Illness Policy: COVID-19 Addendum (PDF)
Library Manual of Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Library Meeting Room Rules (PDF)
Log Disposal Policy & Procedure (PDF)
Meal Reimbursement Policy (PDF)
Naming County Buildings Policy (PDF)
Overnight Vehicle Assignment Policy (PDF)
Petty Cash Policy (PDF)
Probation Relationships with Criminal Justice Clients (PDF)
Public Records Act Policy (PDF)
Purchasing Policy- Update December 2022 (PDF)
Rental and Use Rules and Regulations for Plumas County Facilities and Grounds (PDF)
Special Discretionary Funds Policy (PDF)
Special Districts: Guidelines for Tax Exchange Negotiations for Annexations (PDF)
Special District Loan Policy (PDF)
Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF)
Temperature Parameters for HVAC Control System (PDF)
Treasurer's Office - Investment Policy and Guidelines (PDF)
Volunteer Policy (PDF)
Year End Budgetary Authority & Audit-Related Procedures (PDF)