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The Assessor has a Property Search Tool that allows you to view parcel maps and property information. Property data is maintained and continually updated by the Assessor. Many people research property values and sales data to identify market trends. Data in the Assessor records is used to create the property tax rolls each year. The Assessor Parcel Number (APN) is a multi-section number, separated by dashes. The APN contains four sets of numbers (grouped by Book-Page-Parcel-xxx). The first is the book number of the map. The second is the page number in the book. The third set of numbers is the parcel number. Lots that are divided into condominiums, duplexes, or leased land usually have a fourth set of numbers to denote the individual units (see example below). To locate your APN, check your property tax bill or contact the Assessor's office by phone at (530) 283-6830 for assistance.

Example: APN 115-011-057-000

BookPageParcelOther (unit)


The Property Search Tool will allow you to locate a property by APN or by street address. Some parcels, such as vacant land, do not have street addresses and an APN will be necessary to perform a search. This tool will provide a report with detailed information on any given property and allow you to download the corresponding Assessor Map Book Page. Downloaded Assessor maps are PDFs that are available for viewing using Adobe Reader. If you cannot view one, you may need to download the free Adobe Reader software.

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To protect your privacy, we do not display property identity/ownership information in any searches you perform on this site. Section 6254.21 of the California Government Code prohibits the posting of home addresses or telephone numbers of any elected or appointed official (or their family) on the Internet without first obtaining the written permission of that individual. Effective January 1, 2003 Chapter 621 amends section 6254.21 to extend this prohibition to "public safety officials" (and their family).

Due to the difficulty of identifying all such officials (and their families) and properly removing their names and addresses from the Internet enabled databases that may be part of the record, we do not make these records available via the Internet.