Advisory Committees

Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The PCTC appoints the Plumas County Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) to advise the commission on transit needs, major transit issues, and coordination of specialized transportation services. Members of the SSTAC are appointed by the commission in compliance with the membership composition requirements of the Transportation Development Act (Section 99238). Consistent with the Legislature's intent to avoid duplicative transit advisory councils, the Plumas County SSTAC serves as the sole advisory council for regional transit matters within Plumas County.

Senate Bill No. 498, approved by the Governor of California on September 16, 1987, required the establishment of a social services transportation advisory council to serve as an advisory body to the Plumas County Transportation Commission regarding the transit needs of transit-dependent and transit-disadvantaged persons, including the elderly, handicapped, and person of limited means.




Technical Advisory Committee

A staff-level Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), consisting of representatives from Plumas County, the City of Portola, and Caltrans, meets monthly to coordinate agenda items, commission follow-ups, and related planning matters. The TAC provides technical staff support and recommendations to the PCTC on state, regional, county, and town transportation matters.

The TAC generally meets after regular PCTC meetings or as needed.