Permits and Fees

Plumas County

Department of Public Works

Fee Schedule

The Public Works Department including the Engineering Department spends considerable time and resources reviewing and commenting on various development projects. Review of these development projects is focused on issues and impacts related to development standards, site development, circulation, traffic safety, grading, flood plain, drainage, water quality, and erosion control. 

A description of the application fees and fee amount is included in the following pages. This description indicates the scope of issues associated with each application type. The Department of Public Works reviews these issues and makes recommendations or issues permits regarding the development proposal.

New fees are enacted by adoption of a resolution by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors. This resolution formally amends the County's Master Fee Schedule. Fees become effective 60 days after adoption by the Board of Supervisors. The attached fees reflect the most recently adopted fees. 

Resolutions Amending the Master Fee Schedule

Resolution #
Effective Date 
Comprehensive update of all
Department of Public Works
5/6/13Comprehensive update of all Engineering Department fees
2/5/13 4/8/13Minor clarifying language regarding Department of
Public Works fees

12/17/12Comprehensive update of all
Department of Public Works

*The fees included herein are taken from the formal adopted Master Fee Schedule Resolutions which are available for review at the: Master Fee Schedule Resolution