Door-to-Door Cons Target The Elderly

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Door-to-Door Cons Target the Elderly

Door-to-door con artists are here - posing as utility or city workers. Once inside your home, these imposters will distract you while accomplices search for cash, jewelry, and other valuables. They have even taken strong boxes and safes.

Typically these con artists claim to be from the water department, cable, or home security company and may show badges and wear uniforms. They insist they need to come into your home or backyard for an inspection and insist you go with them. While you are distracted, others sneak into your home to steal your valuables.

An 80-year-old man lost $2,000 when his wallet was lifted from his home. After taking the victim to the backyard to show where they would dig to alleviate a problem, the water department impersonator gave the go-ahead by cell phone to his accomplice to enter the home and steal the wallet.

To Protect Yourself:

  • Keep your doors locked at all times.
  • Do not allow strangers inside your home, no matter which company they claim to be from.
  • If you suspect door-to-door con artists in your neighborhood, call law enforcement immediately.

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