Management Council

Management Council Mission

The Plumas County Management Council promotes excellence among its members by providing opportunities for professional growth through networking, education, exchange of ideas and information, sharing and celebrating success, and developing future leaders.

Management Council Vision

The purpose of the Council is to work for the continued improvement of departmental management in the County government by providing for the interchange of information and ideas. This is to be accomplished by:

  1. Providing training opportunities that are related to the performance of management functions in Plumas County.
  2. Promoting best management practices to improve operational efficiency and resource allocation.
  3. Identifying and discussing management issues that are common to departments and their possible solution.
  4. Serving as a clearing house where those responsible for departmental management can exchange views, experiences, information, and staff resources thus developing a common understanding and approach concerning improvement of County policies, operations, and procedures.
  5. Providing opportunities for leadership and professional development of County managers.
  6. Updating the Board of Supervisors on issues of departmental management and other activities of the Management Council.
  7. Encouraging all department heads to participate by providing networking opportunities among members to enhance management capability.