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Fluoride Is Naturally-occurring

Fluoride is a natural mineral that already exists in most natural water sources, such as rivers, lakes, wells, and even oceans. This mineral comes from rocks and is released into the soil, water, and air at varying levels, and is often found in granite or limestone in its gaseous form.  Source

Fluoride Helps Grow Healthy Teeth

Using fluoridated toothpaste or water is similar to eating or drinking other fortified foods, such as salt with added iodine, milk with added vitamin D, and orange juice with added vitamin C. None of these are medications, but all are fortified in products to help build healthy human bodies. Source

Fluoride Prevents Cavities

The enamel tooth is the hardest substance in the body, but it is also the only part of the body that cannot repair itself. Once a tooth is broken down by acid-producing bacteria, it can only be surgically repaired. Using fluoride strengthens the enamel to resist the acid produced by bacteria. Source

Fluoridated Water Is Health Equity

When it comes to the cost of treating dental diseases, everyone pays. Not just those who need treatment, but the entire community – through higher health insurance premiums and higher taxes. The average lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a water supply is less than the cost of one dental filling, and it increases the health of all community members at once. Fluoridation of community water supplies is the single most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay and has over 70 years' worth of research showing its safety and effectiveness. Source

Why is water fluoridation such a hot topic?  For a comprehensive guide, download Fluoridation Facts

Water Fluoridation Training Course Modules:

FLO logo Opens in new window1) Science - history and science of fluoridation, benefits, and health effects. 2) Program - state program management, oversight and communication. 3) Water system overview and design. 3) Technical information for water fluoridation additives and operations.

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COMMUNITY WATER FLUORIDATION systems can add just the right amount of fluoride to local drinking water to prevent cavities.


FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE is very effective in preventing tooth decay, especially in areas that have low fluoride in the water.

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