Request for Address Assignment

It is Plumas County Planning and GIS’s responsibility to ensure each residence and place of business in Plumas County is systematically assigned a valid and unique address and to keep record of its location.

Address Request Form

To request a new address or a modification of an existing address for a property located in Plumas County, download the Address Request Form below and return by email or in person.    

Note:  If your property is located within the city limits of Portola, please call (530) 832-4216 for instructions on how to ascertain a new address assignment.

Download the Address Request form here
NOTE:  If you will be viewing and filling out the above PDF Address Request form via a mobile device, please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app for either iPhone or Android here here.

Who should complete this form?

  • Property owners requesting an address change or assignment
  • Individuals, title companies, lenders and financial institutions seeking verification of a correct address
  • An address change may be required if an existing address does not meet current addressing guidelines

Note:  Plumas County assigns addresses by parcel, not by structure.   An address is eligible for change if it meets one or more of the following requirements:  Your property has an address that does not fit into the proper numerical sequence with the surrounding addresses, contains a fraction or alpha designator, causes confusion, or is difficult to locate.   Your address is also eligible for change if it does not coincide with the driveway entrance.

Submitting completed address request forms

Email:  Click here to send email

By Hand: Plumas County Planning Department, 555 Main Street, Quincy during regular business hours.

By FAX: (530) 283-6134

Official Address Assignment Process

In most cases, when a single address is requested, the process takes just a few hours once the form has been submitted and staffing availability.  New address assignment require submission of a site plan.  More complex projects, including apartments, business complexes and subdivisions may take several days to complete depending upon the number of addresses requested and other factors.

Note:  Addresses are assigned using an equal interval system, with even and odd addresses assigned to opposing sides of the road and are not subject to the property owner’s approval.