COVID-19 Treatments

Medications for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 

Plumas County physicians, providers, pharmacists and public health all want to be sure everyone who needs medication for their COVID-19 infection can get it promptly here. If you are having symptoms that might be the first sign of COVID but haven't tested yet, the first thing to do is take a home test to see if it's positive for COVID. Test kits are available at local clinics, pharmacies, and public health. Call inside from your car and they will bring the test kits out to you (as staff available) so you don't expose people inside to COVID.  

If the test is positive you can be sure you have COVID-19. If it's negative and you still think you might have COVID-19, repeat the test in 24hr or get a PCR test at one of the testing sites listed below. The medicine for COVID can only be prescribed once you have a positive home test OR a PCR (hospital lab) test. 

test to treat

How to find treatment

If you test positive for COVID-19, act quickly. COVID-19 treatments must be taken within 5-7 days of the start of symptoms to work well.

You have several options to find out if you are eligible and receive free treatment:

  • Contact your doctor. If you have insurance, you can call the number on your insurance card to get help with making an appointment.

Some Plumas County Clinic, Treatment, and Testing Site Phone Numbers:

Eastern Plumas Health Care Portola Clinic

500 1st Avenue

Portola, CA 96122        

Call:  530-832-6600.

Plumas District Hospital Clinic

1065 Bucks Lake Road

Quincy, CA 95971 

Call:  530-283-2121.

Seneca Healthcare District Clinic

130 Brentwood Drive

Chester, CA 96020

Call:   530-258-2826.

If your provider or their office doesn't call back within 24hr, you should call Plumas County Public Health at 530-283-6426, 7 days a week, for help from a public health doctor to discuss if you need treatment and how it can be arranged.

CDPH has set up a free telehealth and treatment program for COVID-19, listed below. This program is not run through PCPHA. Contact CDPH for more info.

  • If you don’t have insurance or the options above don’t work, you can:
    • Make a phone or video appointment through California’s free telehealth provider. Call 833-686-5051 or click here

To be effective, it is recommended a person needs to start the anti-viral medication within 5 days of their first COVID symptoms.

Plumas County Public Health continues to work with physicians and pharmacists throughout the county to assure prompt and precise medical treatment for people who are newly diagnosed with COVID-19.

Check out CDC's website for further information on possible treatments here

Check out CDPH's website for further information on possible treatments here.