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Motor Pool Car Reservation

  1. I agree to adhere to the following Policies and Procedures set forth by the Plumas County Facility Services Department. Keys may be picked up at the Facility Services office, 198 Plumas Ave, week days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Keys must be returned to the Facility Services office during regular business hours or placed in the drop slot next to the office door after 5:00 pm. All vehicles are to be returned to the pool car compound and must be secured within the gated yard if returned after 5:00 pm. (A gate key is provided on the vehicle key ring.) Refueling of vehicles is not provided by Facility Services. Users must fill the vehicle with fuel prior to returning it. Vehicles must be returned by 8:00 am on the return date scheduled above. This will ensure that the vehicle is available for the next employee. The Facility Services Department wants you to have a safe and reliable vehicle for your travels. Please, for your safety, inform us of any mechanical problems or damage to any vehicle.*
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