Residential Fire Sprinklers

The California Residential Code effective, January 1, 2011, requires all new dwellings, dwelling units, and one and two-family townhomes to be equipped with an Automatic Fire Sprinkler system complying with NFPA 13D, as modified by the California State Fire Marshall.

Newly Added

We have added a Residential Fire Sprinkler Checklist to assist you with your New Residential Permit submittal. Plumas County is in an area subject to freezing; therefore protecting piping from freezing needs to be considered in developing your sprinkler plans.

Fire Sprinkler Submittal Checklist (PDF)

Antifreeze Solutions in Residential Structures (PDF)

Residential Fire Sprinkler Companies (PDF)

Below are links providing additional information regarding Residential Fire Sprinklers: Fire Sprinkler

Water Supply Fact Sheet

Below is the link to the 2016 California Residential Code on the International Code Council's website. Please note: This document is view only, copy and pasting is not allowed.

Residential Code