Manufactured Homes - Information

Manufactured Homes are built to preemptive Federal "HUD" standards and, therefore, differ from State Building Codes. California State Law under "Title 25" governs the installation of the home with the local jurisdiction inspecting the installation.

For instance, the installation of Residential Fire Sprinklers in manufactured homes is exempted unless required by local ordinance (Plumas County does not have a local ordinance requiring sprinklers).

New and used homes installed in Plumas County must meet local roof snow loads.

New and moved homes installed in Plumas County do have to meet Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) standards.

Please click on the following links for more information:

Manufactured Home Permit Application Packet (PDF)

Fire Safe Driveways -  Required by Public Works/Engineering


Manufactured Homes - Sprinkler Exemption (PDF)
WUI Regulations (PDF)

***Please call the Building Department for Snow Load information before filling out applications***