Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

Every underground storage tank (UST) contains hazardous substances. The most common hazardous materials stored in USTs are gasoline and diesel. The goal of this department is to not only protect the residents of Plumas County, but the wildlife, groundwater, and natural environment as well. Through permitting, construction plan checks, annual facility inspections, monitoring, and tank closure activities, the Department of Environmental Health can maintain Federal, State, and local laws, regulate the construction, operation, repair, and removals of UST systems and work congruently with facility owners, State, and local agencies.

UST Installation, Modification, or Repair

Before beginning work, you must submit a UST Permit Application (PDF). The same application is used for installation, modification, and repair work. Environmental Health will perform a technical review of the proposal, which includes:

  • Review of equipment to be used
  • Review of contractor information
  • At a minimum, one site inspection.
  • Potential soil and/or groundwater sampling.

If the proposed work is approved, a UST Installation, Modification, or Repair letter will be issued by Environmental Health to both the UST owner and the contractor. It will list site-specific construction and inspection requirements. Work may begin upon receipt of the approval letter. No construction is permitted until the receipt of your approval letter.


Annual facility inspections ensure that all UST sites comply with all state codes and regulations under California Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.7 (PDF) and California Code of Regulations Title 23 (PDF).

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