Candidate Filing Process

If wish to file for candidacy for a local office currently up for election, please contact the Plumas County Elections Division.

To file for candidacy:

  1. Once the filing and/or nomination period opens, visit the Plumas County Elections office to obtain filing paperwork. The packet is explained as it is issued. You may take notes.
  2. Read the entire packet in its entirety and keep track of any important steps and dates.
  3. Fill out the packet as thoroughly and as accurately as possible.
  4. Before the filing period closes, return and file your completed packet with the appropriate agencies. Most forms come back to the Plumas County Elections office, some may need to be filed elsewhere (i.e. Caltrans, Secretary of State, etc.). Where forms must be filed and dates to do so will be explained at the time the packet is issued. All paperwork to be filed at the Plumas County Elections office MUST be turned in at the same time.
  5. Once all paperwork is filed, you will pay the appropriate fees and be sworn in as a CANDIDATE by an elections official.

*All individuals filing for candidacy are responsible for filling out their paperwork accurately, completely, and on time.

  1. Elections Division

    Physical Address
    520 Main Street
    Room 102
    Quincy, CA 95971