Food and Water Safety During a Power Outage

Flood Recovery Resources

Red Cross


Be Red Cross Ready (Returning Home After a Hurricane or Flood) (PDF)

Repairing Your Flooded Home (PDF)

After a heavy rainstorm, there is the possibility of flooding. In the event that there has been flooding, residents and businesses using a personal well may need to disinfect their well before use. Please read the following document to learn more about how to properly and safely disinfect your well.

Disinfecting Individual Water Well (PDF)

Food and Water Resources

Extensive power outages can create a mess of things and can be a major problem for residents and businesses selling food. Refrigerators and freezers can only hold those safe temperatures for so long, making it very difficult to ensure your food is safe to eat. Please read the following flyers on how to maintain food safety in the home and the business to learn how to manage your perishables during a power outage.

Maintaining Food at Home (PDF)

Maintaining Food at a Food Facility (PDF)