Water Quality Protection Program

Bucks-Lake-_Image1.jpgThe residents of Plumas County are highly dependent upon groundwater. Our water supply protection program ensures the quality of this valuable resource. Program activities include the regulation of various drilling and boring projects as well as monitoring the quality of selected groundwater aquifers. This program is accomplished through regular inspections, bacteriological and chemical sampling, plan checks, permitting, and public education.

Our Water Quality Protection Program conducts monitoring, lab analysis, long-term trend analysis, investigations, permitting, public education, and emergency/complaint response to ensure that the water - both public and private - in Plumas County complies with California State Law, Changes to County Code effective January 2017. To comply with the statewide on-site wastewater treatment regulations, minor changes to the well location standards (PDF) were approved by the Board of Supervisors.

The CA Department of Water Resources DWR is offering assistance to persons with dry wells or other water shortages at: https://mydrywatersupply.water.ca.gov/report. This electronic form is for use by individuals not served by a public water system experiencing problems with their water supply. There is a State map you may view if you click on "Statewide Summary" at the bottom of the web page from the link provided above.

All Things Well

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Water Sample Testing Laboratories (PDF)

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Well Installation Manual (PDF)

Guidelines for Geothermal Heat Exchange Wells (PDF)

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