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Department Services

Services provided to the public by the Public Works Department include:

If you have any questions or need more information, please call the Public Works Department at (530) 283-6268.

Road Maintenance Services

Road Maintenance is more than asphalt. We set up work zones every day to clean culverts, grade road shoulders, install drainage facilities, fill potholes, trim trees for site clearance, install and repair guardrails, and do many other road improvement projects.

Most activities are done on a seasonal basis. Please remember to drive carefully through work zones, and feel free to ask questions of the crew or just say hi. Look for our crews doing specialty work during these months:


  1. John Mannle

    Director of Public Works

  2. Damien Frank

    Administrative Services Officer

  3. Rhonda Isitt

    Fiscal Technician - Accounts Payable

  4. Colleen Foster

    Fiscal Technician

  1. Joe Blackwell

    Deputy Director of Public Works

  2. Robert Thorman

    Assistant Director of Public Works

  3. Andrew Hammond

    Associate Engineer

  4. Jim Graham

    Principle Transportation Planner

  5. Mark Crews

    Engineering Technician